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About Easy Code 2

Background -

Over the past year, the remote controls now in use here at EAB, are now obsolete. They are no longer made or supported. The introduction of the Easy Code2 App is designed to allow the opening and closing of doors and gates on our property.

Easy Code2 is a much inproved app without the problems of the first version. Early testing has shown it is reliable, easy to configure, and most of all, works time and time again.

Easy Code is a recent development by PTI, the author of our security software in use at Eucalyptus at Beaumont.
In short, Easy Code 2 replaces the remote controls and PIN codes for the opening of the doors and gates in our facility via a free downloadable app for either the Iphone, Ipad, Apple Watch or Android Phones.

Your old Easy Code app can be deleted as it no longer functions.

Here are the features of this new App. -

  • No having to remember pin codes. Just launch the app, and open you door or gate right from your smart phone
  • The effective range is approx 3,000 ft.
  • Instant notification of your door or gate being opened
  • Complete record of your door or gate opening times and dates within the app.
  • Multiple users / phones can use the app, such as Husbands and Wife's phones.
  • Notifies you when you are within range of the facility.
  • Your existing code numbers (pins) and your existing remote controls will continue to work.

Here are the limitations of the new App -

  • It can only be used on one door. It does not have the ability to control multiple doors
  • You must be no more than 3,000' from the facility for this to work. Sorry, no opening your door from the jacuzzi.
  • It does not make coffee
If you have or have not received your site code that looks sort of like this - aB1c2DE34
or an access code that looks like this - 123456.



Download the apps by searching for Easycode 2 or Easycode 2.0 in the Apple store or Google Play.

Note to tenants

You can only get your access codes from your landlord. Management is not authorized to give out access codes to anyone but known unit owners. Please contact your landlord directly. Once you have your access codes, return here to complete your App installation