easycode - EAB

Easy Code "Access Code" Step by Step

If you are unsure about the remote login process, go HERE for a tutorial

Log onto the EAB security system using your regular log in credentials (follow the red arrow)


Select from the drop down box your user name
Then enter your password


This is how your screen will appear (slightly truncated to fit this screen)

Look for the link "Easy Code" (red arrow) located at the top of the screen. Click on it


Click on "StorLogix Access Tester" (red arrow)


Find the name of the person (or unit number) you are searching for in the window.

Right click on that name or unit number, and make certain the box marked "Eligable to use Easy Code" is checked shown by the red arrow.


Note that the name you right clicked on above, is now shown in a darker font. To the right of the name is the Easy Code Access code as shown by the red arrow. This is the easy code "Access Code" you will give to the unit owner. Also, this same code can be used to enter though the gates and to open the unit door manually using the keypads
in the facility. You need to instruct the owner to add a * and # at the begning and end of the access code for use with the keypads. In this example is it *12345#. You do not need to add the * or # for the Easy Code app.

That is all there is to it. Now close all windows (X) and log out. There is nothing to save.